Java Chess Engine

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As a java programmer interested in chess, you want to capture games in a binary format of any chess engine, so later you could iterate this games for different purposes. This software tool is designed to help you in that direction (the source code).

The tool acts as program which understands the UCI protocol and runs arbitrary chess engines like any other UCI platform (e.g. Arena). It is designed to be used in order to track down the PVs (best lines) and evaluations of UCI chess engine during random tournaments (self-play). All the information is saved as file on the file system and is available latter by the programming API written in java. One possible usage of this tool is for realization of artificial intelligence’s techniques for machine learning like Temporal Difference Learning, or any other similar methods for Supervised Learning.

How to run

There are two main classes in the run package:


For example I have used this tool to run Houdini_15a_w32.exe engine. For 12 hours (1 night) it generated 10 000 games, which contained more than 30 000 000 positions (+ their evaluations provided by Houdini). After that the traverser succeeded to iterate all of them for less then 90 seconds.

Extremely useful tool for the fans of chess, artificial Intelligence and machine Learning!